Wishing to attain that state of supreme peace
The skilled one should his virtue increase;
Efficient should he be; straightforward and upright
Disposed to agree, very gentle, humble downright.

Contented, easily supportable, in basic needs including food,
Having duties few, and practicing a simple livelihood
With all senses under control, careful and discreet
He should never be attached to families through greed.

He should never do even the slightest wrong
For which the wise would censure him with words strong.
He should wish, ‘May all be comfortable and secure;
May all be happy, with their minds made pure”

Whatever kinds of living beings that are there
Weak or strong, long, big or of size medium and fair,
Quite shot, very small whether bulky in size they are
Whether they are seen or not seen with eyes bare,
Whether living close be or not living close anywhere
Whether they are already born or seeking to be born somewhere
The one skilled in good and seeking that peaceful state
Should always wish for their happiness and welfare.

One should not by any means deceive another,
Nor should he ever look down upon the other
Let no one through anger and ill-will swear
For the downfall, harm and suffering of another
Just as a mother would guard her only child with care
Risking her own life in a manner bold and dare,
Even so he should develop boundless kindness of heart
Towards all living beings that are here and everywhere.

let boundless kindness of heat spread all round
All over the world with no exception found
High above, down and far across the world
With neither hatred nor enmity, keeping kindness under check and hold.
Whether one stands or walks around
Sits or lies down, wakeful with the mind sound
In all such postures he should be with mindfulness firm
This indeed is the “Sublime State here”, this they confirm.

Never filling prey to views that are not right
Having developed virtue and possessing sharp insight
Giving up greed for sense-pleasures, allowing none to remain
Such a person is certainly not destined to be reborn again.