Truly one is one’s own master and guide How can there be another from outside. By controlling and well taming one’s own self One obtains a master who is difficult to find. Whoever having received help and favour Does not show any gratitude to the good-doer When problems arise again, making his life very hard Will find himself abandoned, with none to do a little favour. Not is the sky, nor in the mid-ocean, Nor even in the mountain caves Is found a good, safe hiding place To escape consequences of one’s evil ways. A well disciplined person is like the great earth, He resents not, remains like a strong post; Like a pool unsullied by the mud is he. To such a disciplined person there is no recurring birth. He who outshines his evil deeds By deeds good and wholesome indeed, Such a one illumines the world he lives Like the fullmoon from the dark clouds freed.