Fanned by jealousy, malice and revenge Flames of hatred set the world on fire. When those are badly hurt try to avenge Everyone involved fall into suffering dire. Quench those flames before they consume all, With a cool shower of Metta – spreading “Loving Kindness” on all Do not allow hatred to spread at all, For it will certainly cause one’s downfall. Being hard-hearted, all feelings dried up Like a river in the height of summer heat Remaining as if deaf, dumb and blind Can you ignore the less fortunate ones you meet? On seeing their suffering and hearing their pleas If your heart begins to tremble and weep And stirs you up to offer them help, It’s because you have Karuna compassion that lies in your heart deep. When you see others doing quite well in life In sports, studies and professions they succeed, Do envy and jealousy begin to prick your heart And make you very unhappy, miserable and worried? Then, surely the best in life you’ll fail to enjoy, For you lack Mudita - the feeling of Sympathetic Joy which fills your heart with selfless delight When you see others doing well, and their future bright. People are not the same and unpredictable are their ways, One day you are blamed and the next day you are praised. It’s the very same people that act in different ways And you become worried, caught in a puzzling maze. Loss and gain, fame and ill-fame you’ll have to face in life So is praise and also blame, happiness and sorrow too you’ll find If you can remain calm and cool when faced with these ways of life That show your Upekkha – Equanimity that keeps the balance of mind. For a life happy and noble, free of wprry and fear Calm, cool and contented the Buddha has made the way clear. Practice the Four Sublime states that make you endear Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha, the Brahmaviharas treating them very dear.