The Buddhist community that started with five followers rapidly increased in number. Soon the news about this young teacher who preaches a new doctrine spread around the country. Young men became his disciples. He became so popular that some thought he had a magic power to win over people . Young wives feared thinking that their husbands would leave them and become Gautama Buddha’s disciples. Within a short period there were sixty disciples who became monks, and under the guidance of the Buddha became noble individuals- Arahants. Then Gautama Buddha thought that it is the proper time to send these sixty disciples to preach the Dhamma to others. He called them together and said : “ monks, I have freed myself from all bonds. You have freed yourselves from all bonds. Now begin to go round the country preaching the Dhamma for the benefit of many , for the happiness of many, for the well- being of many. Do not two of you take the same route. Go in different directions.” With this advice he sent them out to preach . Then Gautama Buddha himself went towards the village of Uruvela. Throughout the next forty five years Gautama Buddha completely dedicated himself to the service of his fellow beings. He went on foot from village to village , from town preaching and teaching about suffering that exists in the world and explaining how to overcome this suffering . The Buddha was an excellent teacher and therefore he was able to teach and convince many. The Dhamma taught non – violence , peace , harmony and equality. So the people willingly followed it. Like the Buddha the Sangha also tirelessly toured the country preaching the Dhamma and brought in many new followers. Many people from all classes and different religions became followers of the Buddha’s teaching. Soon there were many such famous disciples as Sariputta, Moggallana, Mahakassapa, Upali and Ananda. His own son Rahula, step- brother Nanda, cousin Devadatta and many other close relatives entered the Sangha comunity. Lay followers , too, soon increased. Kings, nobles, rich merchants as well as ordinary people became followers of the Buddha . Powerful kings such as Pasenadi Kosala, Bimbisara and rich merchants like Anathapindika were his supporters. The Order of nuns also came into being .The first nun ( bhikkhuni ) was Buddha’s step-mother , Gotsmi. Within a short period even the number of nuns increased. Among the nuns were very famous bhikkhunis such as Khema, Uppalavanna, and Dhammadinna. There was also a large number of female lay supporters such as Visakha. In this manner the Buddhist community which started with five discip;es came to consist of monks ( Bhikkhu), nuns (Bhikkhuni) , lay male followers (Upasaka) and female followers (Upasika). The rich lay supporters both male and female built a number of large temples and monasteries for the Buddha and Sangha to reside. These rich lay supporters along with the vast number of ordinary people who accepted the Buddha’s teaching provided robes, alms, dwelling and medicine for the Buddha and the Sangha. The Buddha and the Sangha taught them the Dhamma. The lay followers to show their gratitude provided the Buddha and Sangha with all their requirements.